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HR-V Not Quite Up To Honda Standards logo 8/19/2015

I have had the HR-V for nearly two months. Have driven about 3000 miles including a road trip to Chicago. Overall satisfied but certainly not blown away. The car handles fine but the engine is clearly not powerful enough. Acceleration is an effort especially from a running start (ie: doing 60 mph and want to pass someone). The miles per gallon is a disappointment especially around town. I am getting about 32 mpg on long highway trips but less than 15 mpg around town. My previous car was a Honda Accord on which I regularly got 40 mpg highway and 30 around town. The range on a tank of gas is not good. A full tank registers about a 360 mile range so I find myself having to gas up more often than I had become accustomed to. The Accord registered 600+ mile range on a tank of gas.On the positive side The HR-V handles well and has a nice amount of storage space. The location of the charging outlets, however, is inconvenient. The technology package is ok.Overall I rate the vehicle as a 3 out of 5. Not bad but not great. I would not consider purchasing another HR-V although I would consider other Honda models.

Average Rating : 3


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