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Hurts my Butt logo 8/21/2015 Ole Chief

Love the vehicle overall. Traded in a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited. Wanted a new Toyota but could not get one configured the way I wanted it. Wanted Limited without moon roof, AWD or the extras they automatically put on all vehicles like mats and paint protection, etc.. I was able to configure the Explorer the way i wanted it and place an order.Owner's manual can be frustrating trying to determine what features actually relate to the vehicle you have. It will list a feature with a note saying "if equipped" but the documentation you have on the vehicle you bought as well as the description on what features you have as listed in the Explorer brochure still don't give you a clue. You are forced to go to the vehicle and try to do or operate the feature and if it happens or not gives you the answer. Touch screen gets finger prints all over it very quickly and trying to look at screen and various controls while driving to change or select something can be very distracting and dangerous. If we think texting and driving can be dangerous just wait for more drivers using features like this vehicle has. The situation is exacerbated when drivers have not read the manual and have a reasonable understanding of the controls and try to do something while driving by just trying different things until they get the results they want, give up or run off the road or worse.Wish that the tailgate window would open separately from the lift gate itself. Many times I want to put things in the back like when I'm grocery shopping and want to lean them back against the tailgate. Can't do it on this vehicle. Have to place things carefully so they don't fall out when you open the lift gate to unload things. The absolute MOST DISAPPOINTING FEATURE for me is the front seat seats. The Explorer Limited has contoured seats with raised side bolsters that appear to be sized for someone quite smaller than me. I'm not at all large. After driving for about 15-20 minutes the seat pressure on my right hip causes my sciatic nerve to hurt and I'm very uncomfortable. My wife has also commented over how extra firm her seat feels. Not real comfortable for driving any distance. My Highlander Limited seats did not have this problem. I noticed that Ford Edge owners have complained about the seat configuration in those vehicles as well. Had I driven the Explorer for 30 minutes before buying it I would not have purchased it and probably bought a Toyota even though it had things I didn't want on it. I'll be web surfing for solutions to the problem and might even consider going to an automotive upholstery business to reconfigure my seat. Will also try to contact Ford for possible solutions. Might be just me, but that is why different people purchase different vehicles.Have not had a real chance to form an opinion on all of the vehicle's features and thus the neutral rating given on many of them.I'm still optimistic about my future with this vehicle and hope for the best.

Average Rating : 4


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