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Hybrid Battery Heck logo 6/18/2015 mtnman7615

We bought new in 2007 with assurance that problems with hybrid battery were fixed. First hybrid battery went out at 51,000 miles. Replaced under warranty. Second hybrid battery went out at 141,000 and was told it would be a $6,400 repair bill.Toyota customer service was useless, but dealer agreed to pay half of the cost as a "good will" gesture.Very disappointed in having to spend $3000 to replace a part that is supposed to be a "lifetime of the vehicle" part - twice at less than half the expected lifetime of the vehicle!Also disappointed at Toyota for not standing behind this product better.Won't be buying another Toyota product, especially a hybrid!


Favorite Feature : Love this vehicle, except for cost of replacing hybrid battery to keep it running. Mileage is about 27 mpg on average. Not good enough to justify extra thousands of dollars in up-front cost, plus battery replacement, tho.Otherwise, great vehicle.

Suggested Improvement : If Toyota really wants to say the hybrid battery failure issue has been resolved, then they should step up and back that statement up with lifetime warranty, or at least warranty the $5000+ replacement battery for 100k miles as the original.Also, never understood why the doors don't lock when put into gear like other vehicles. Asked dealer about this at first and was told that isn't possible. My "cheap" 2003 Chevy Tahoe does it, tho, and has since the day I bought it.

Average Rating : 2.75


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