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I absolutely love my BMW! logo 8/7/2015 Katie

So being the spoiled 16 year old that I am, my parents surprised me with this car before my birthday in December of last year. I absolutely love my car. When we bought it however, the radiator was busted and it was making some kind of ticking noise. We got that fixed. We kept the car in service and I haven't wrecked or anything. The car's rear tires were worn down when we bought the car so we replaced them. We didn't know at the time that when you buy an expensive car the the front and rear tires were two different sizes. So it messed the transfer case up. When they replaced that, the towing company bent my steering rack which is now throwing off some lights and one of my O2 sensors needs to be replaced. My local BMW dealership told me that once you replace one O2 sensor that you will have to replace the others, which I found out is a lie. But I also had my oil pan replaced, (it had an oil leak when we bought it), and I wouldn't recommend taking it to a place that "specializes" only on foreign made cars. They charged us $2,000 to fix it. One of the parts only costed $35 and the labor was $800. Other than what all has happened, the car is an outstanding car, I honestly don't want to get rid of it. I have 4 siblings. One is a baby and the car is able to fit his car seat in it just fine! The interior is amazing to clean. Mine is white with tan interior and it is easy to spill things on it. But it is also easy to clean. I absolutely love my car and I would recommend it to anyone.

Average Rating : 5


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