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I am amazed logo 4/11/2015 Nena Smith

I was surprised by how much I love this car. I was a bit worried by range but my husband thought since we would save $200-$250.00 in gas a month it was worth a try. Glad He talked me into it. Super fun to drive, great comfort/room and wonderful technology. In 2 weeks I have driven my 2013 Leaf (purchase with 22,400 miles) over 700 miles with no problems. I live in a very rural area but can find plenty of charging stations within 20-30 miles if I need them. IF you live in the city don't even worry about range average driver in USA only goes 22 miles per day. Think about this not only are you not spending on gas but no more taking the car in for oil changes ect. Love my Leaf!

Favorite Feature : Comfort, Fun to Drive, Technology

Suggested Improvement : A little more range would be great but not really needed.

Average Rating : 4.75


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