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I am in the minority about this car logo 4/27/2016 eapj

I purchased this car one year ago as a certified used vehicle. My husband's car died suddenly and we needed something pronto. We were looking for something with a stick shift that was relatively fun and this was one of the few cars available at the time in our price range. Let me just say that after one morning of driving the car, my husband asked if he could trade and drive my 2015 VW Golf instead.The Mazda6 is a sharp looking car and the value seems to be pretty good on the surface. That being said, we aren't happy with the car and I won't purchase another. The car is very load on the road and I had to talk the dealership into looking up the technical service bulletin about it (I'm waiting for the parts to come in). The Bluetooth stops working every few months (I unhook the battery to get it going again) and routinely pauses in the middle of songs or phone calls. I realize that's minor but if a car is fairly new, you want it to work. The Bluetooth module was replaced under warranty but the behavior is exactly the same so it didn't go any good.I also find the ride to be very rough. I needed new breaks and tires at 33k miles and though the tire replacement would make the ride better. Not so! It's actually worse. It's decent around town but super rough on the highway. I've had a VW GTI, a Ford Focus SVT and a Mini Cooper S so it's not that I don't like a rough ride. I guess I don't like a rough ride in a big family sedan. The combo just doesn't make sense to me. I also feel like the sheetmetal is cheap; it seems to dent easily or that's been my experience, at least.The car does handle very well and the brakes are good. I also appreciate the blind spot monitoring.Part of my dislike of the car is personal preference - I really don't like big cars or sedans. I'm already looking at other options, either hatchbacks, crossovers (yuck) or wagons. I've gotten to the point in my like (early 40s) where some fun and some equipment without a punishing ride is what I'm looking for. Manual transmissions are getting rare and many manuals don't come with equipment. I might have to go to an automatic for the first time in my life or just get a base model Golf wagon or pony up for a GTI with bells and whistles (I've not experienced the VW nightmares that others have and I've had a series of VWs). I test drove a Ford Focus with a stick and a Ford Escape and liked both much more than the Mazda.Full disclosure - I do recommend this car to others but it's just not the right one for me or my husband.

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