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I am looking forward to years of enjoying driving logo 7/7/2016 mike chinnock

You can read all the expert reviews, and I pretty much find no fault with most of what is said. To get the most out of the hybrid I think requires learning a different way of driving. I drive down the interstate at 55 mph and I am getting 40 mpg on the straight and level, 30 mpg on the gradual road elevation increase and 325+ mpg as the road elevation decreases. On acceleration I see 6 mpg, on deceleration I see 9999 mpg. The Highlander has normal, ECO and EV modes, with specific conditions under which they function best. I am still learning to use these modes to get the best mpg I can. I pretty much think I can expect 27 mpg combined with 1/3rd highway & 2/3rds city driving if I drive this hybrid the way it is ment to be driven ... no rapid starts (Use EV mode), long gradual slow downs to stop (gotta drive well ahead of the traffic) in ECO mode, and cruise the interstate 55-65 mph.Your mileage may vary, and will based upon your driving habits. This is no 'Magic cure' for poor gas mileage. However I must say I am am really pleased that this big, good looking and comfortable beast can achieve such respectable gas mileage. It does take effort though.Update:I have been driving this Highlander Hybrid 6 weeks now. I still find it a very comfortable and pleasant vehicle to drive. I bought the right vehicle for me. I have learned that unlike most hybrids, and my previous hybrid (2009 Ford Escape) I do not get better gasoline mileage in city driving where I am constantly slowing to a stop, then accelerating to operating speed, then repeating often. During these cycles I am seein 6 ... 9 .. 14 ...19 ... mpg fuel economy. It is with the steady 60 mph highway speed that yield the 30+ mpg fuel economy returns. I have noted that the more highway verse city miles I drive the better my combined fuel economy. I have also concluded I need to be very gentle with the accelerator pedal. If you like to start quick, zoom to the next red light, come to a quick stop and await the green light just to zoom to the next light, I do not think this is the vehicle for you

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