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I bought P85D for speed but love the Eco aspect logo 8/1/2015 Kim Frioli

I love sports cars and was raised with big block classics like 1968 Chevy Chevelles, etc. I was looking for my next vehicle when my Bmw lease was up and I looked at the gamut of sports cars. However, one test drive in the Tesla on "insane mode" and I was sold. I absolutely love it. Fast (got my first speeding ticket in 10 years), sleek, quiet, comfortable and filled with great electronics, it makes me supremely happy every morning as I hop in for my commute. The fact that it saves me thousands of dollars in gas costs, has cheaper insurance rates and is 100 percent Electric is just the cherry on top. I immediately invested in Tesla stock, FYI. That's how much I love this car.

Average Rating : 5


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