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I bought two of these for taxis, beware people logo 6/16/2016 Curtis Becker

I bought two of these a 2011 and 2012 and put them in to service as yellow cabs in San Diego. So for the two colors have gone through two hybrid batteries and three enginesMy total repair bills on the two cars of been $17,000 EachHybrid battery was around 3500Each hybrid battery blew out at about 150000 to 190,000 milesBlew the head gasket at 200,000 milesReplace the heads then blew them out a month later regular driving nothing crazy I was in the car and the block crackedReplaced the engine with a junkyard engine and blew it out a month laterHad to order any engine from Canada remanufactured but the real me almost $3000 and my taxi was out of service for almost a month because of that. The dealerships treated me like garbage and did not give me any leeway considering the fact that I had bought two of these cars All of my friends that own taxis in San Diego are blowing through the engines especially in the heavier V model at about 170 to 250,000 miles you can expect to blow through your engine and guaranteed you'll blow through your hybrid battery before 200,000 miles. Keep in mind that even at a junkyard these engines are going to cost you about $1500 on the low-end because they're in such short supply because of the engines blowing out The 1.8 L engine is too small for the weight of the heavy vehicle it's not a light vehicle by the way. Steer clear of this core or dump it before you get to 150,000 and you'll be OK also one thing to note I have been driving Taxis for 24 years 100 hours a week. The blind spots are terrible out of this car and it's terrible backing it up in a parking lot. Also you'll be slamming on the brakes a lot in traffic because you're sitting so low you can't see what's going on in front of you it's a very very dangerous car please do not buy one of these spare yourself the agony that I have gone through

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