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I call it the Lincoln Light logo 8/31/2015 Charles J. Cates

This is a large heavy sedan, more like a Crown Victoria than the ​previous generation Taurus. It has surprisingly good acceleration "out of the hole" and merging onto the interstate is no problem for the naturally aspirated 3.5 Liter V-6. When you park the car or pull it into the garage is when you realize this is a full size car. OK, it IS shorter than my '63 BelAir. It is quiet with little NVH. The stereo system in the limited sounds better than the system in my "man cave". The transmission shifts smoothly and seamlessly. I did notice a lack of power pulling some steep grades on U.S. 22 where we live in west central PA. The car was frequently downshifting for more power. The climate control system is easy to set and works well. The leather upholstery is attractive and wears well. The vinyl dash and trim is soft and does not have a hard plastic feel. The size of the display in the dash for miles, mpg, miles to empty, oil life etc. are a little too small for my liking or perhaps I'm showing my age. I'll be interested to see how this car performs in the winter time with front wheel drive and new Falken brand all season Touring radials. Though we have only owned this car for a few months we have been impressed with it. The only real gripe I have with the car is that there seems to be a corrosion problem on the alloy wheels that I can't seem to get off with anything that I have tried. Since I posted this review originally, we have driven it for over a year. Last winter the car performed well for most of the winter in the Falken All Season Radials but a couple deep snows convinced me to go with a dedicated Snow tire this winter. ( Falken Eurowinter) . I replaced the alloy wheels with a black aftermarket wheel which draws lots of compliments , retaining the corroded OE wheels for the dedicated snow tires. The Taurus has performed well, with no mechanical issues thus far. It has given 24 MPG on the highway doing 65 to 70 mph on the highways. Around town it gets 15 to 19 MPG.

Average Rating : 5


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