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I couldn't do it logo 6/3/2015 caine2375

I live in Minnesota. I live at the bottom of a hill that turns into an ice rink during the winter. Last winter that got my civic stuck at least twice on days I dared to challenge mother nature.I was prepared today to trade in my civic for a 4wd vehicle, a hyundai touson. I couldn't do it. The honda has been an awesome vehicle. I bought it used and other than routine maintenance I haven't had a problem with it. The MPG estimates are crap, though I still net 37.8mpg over the last 9kmiles. The car runs fine, it takes a little getting used to it shutting off at the light. It takes a bit to get going but hums along at 75 errr 65 just fine. I keeping it for my non winter driving thankU

Favorite Feature : MPG: 37.6ishreliabilitycool dash, like I'm driving a space ship!storage for basic stuff5 passenger, little tight, but still 5 passenger.reliability

Suggested Improvement : don't advertise better mpg than you actually get.trunk and storage are tinymy damn cd player didn't work when I bought itand when a truck runs into them they get marks.

Average Rating : 4.5


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