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"I didn't know Hyundai built sports cars!" logo 7/13/2015 Devon White

"Man what kind of car is that??", ask the car wash attendant. "Oh it's just a Hyundai Genesis..." I say as I start to feel all giddy on the inside for someone talking to me while wearing socks and sandals."I didn't know Hyundai built sports cars! That is much nicer than my new V6 Camaro.." the man says with slight disappointment in his voice.The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is an understated performance sports car. Why do I say understated? With the open market of the FRS/BRZ twins, Ford Focus ST, Nissan 370z and Honda Civic Si, it is very easy to forget that Hyundai offers a competitive RWD, 300hp sports car for a cheaper price. After spending a week of searching, I was able to find a Genesis Coupe for $4,000 cheaper than a FRS and $6,000 cheaper than a Focus ST (Take a guess on the price gap between the Hyundai and the 370....Yikes!). After owning the car through both Winter and Summer I can say that this car makes a decent daily driver. I went for the top of the line "Track" package which includes 19' Wheels, a stiffer suspension, big Brembo brakes, and low profile tires which, in the winter, makes for a questionable journey. Though the weather was not in the Genesis Coupe's favor, it handle the snow and ice better than most cars on the road. Traction Control is a feature that will automatically prevent you from getting in-over your head, and the climate control system will keep you warm while the temperatures fall bellow zero degrees. During the summer months the car can come into its own. If you have never taken this car out on a back-road, it is highly recommended that you scare your local Hyundai Salesman. The stiff suspension allows you to feel the cars sports car spirit as you abuse it through sharp hairpin turns, the car does not buckle at the effort, it laughs and yells "More!".Though I have found this to be an excellent car, it is not perfect. The stiff suspension will really begin to make you feel your age, even if you're 2 years old. Long road trips can be rather tiresome and make you question why you didn't walk to your Aunt's house in Idaho. The interior is a nice place to be, but is filled with cheap feeling materials and more plastic then a aging supermodel. Though it has 300HP, I feel that the car under utilizes that power in the high gears and makes use of it in the lower gears.What was a major surprise was how roomy the car is (in the front seats), as a 6 foot 2 individual, I have plenty of space to bob my head to my fast and furious soundtrack. My dad (who let's say is a lot more "healthy" than I) felt that the race like seats was firm and quite comfortable to sit in. MPG has been much better than I could ever imagine, when driving home from an overnight party I had the A.C. on with the windows down (who needs logic?), I managed to get 31.3 MPG without even trying. Remember this is a 300HP, "Track Edition".Overall this is a great car for the price. This Hyundai looks greats, sounds great, and next to an RX8 or a Civic, it's fast. If you're like me and you want good performance out of the box you'll opt for the 3.8 motor because it is strong and capable of performance without being dangerous to a young driver. Tuners will go for the 2.0 turbo model as their is plenty of aftermarket support for the 2.0 to make it as fast, then faster than a 3.8. At the end of the day the suspension is very stiff but if you're looking at this as an option, you probably already have a yearning for back pain.

Average Rating : 5


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