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i hate my 07 honda logo 4/13/2015 Heather Strausbaugh

this car was bought by my father brand new in 06. since driven off lot we have had nothing but problems. visors (extended warranty) engine, e break handle has fallen apart. faulty air bag sensors $500 to replace. new starter at 70k miles $300 new drivers door lock chamber at 80k miles $300 weather stripping needs to be replaced its completely fallen down always pushing it back up. no interior lights work on radio selection/heating and cooling lights. auto window controls for passenger window no longer work ether side. paints chipping. faulty wire connections caused power steering to go out while driving!! 25k new asking 6k now. 107k miles and selling now. will never own another honda. EVER!

Favorite Feature : nothing!!!

Suggested Improvement : everything!!! recall this car now!!! its a disaster waiting to happen. and when it does it will be on hondas shoulders.

Average Rating : 1.625


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