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I hate this car logo 4/6/2017 Mike Greer

My biggest complaint about this car is the transmission. If you ever need to slow down quickly then speed up, forget about it. It's like the transmission is stuck in high gear for a second before it decides you're done stopping. I had a close call once because of this. A minor complaint about the transmission is the knuckle dragging fake shift points, it's controlled by the computer there should be an option to turn it off. Another issue is the anemic horn, that sound like a dying giraffe, which I blame for not being able to prevent an accident. The entertainment system is the opposite of ergonomic. The angle of the screen is terrible for a touch screen and several buttons are too small for arms reach. The mute swipe is hit or miss and slow so some times I'll try to mute twice and then it'll mute and unmute. The screen changes and animates for about a minute when I start driving which I find annoyingly distracting. The parking brake is not very usable especially if you are in an emergency and your fine motor skills go out the window. Also why do you have to push the break to release the parking break? The seats are so curved, they force you to slouch. Other then these issues the car is OK. It drives on the freeway nicely, mileage is good and it has plenty of trunk space.

Average Rating : 4


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