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I have 265,000 miles on my sky blue nissan truck logo 12/9/2016 charlie

GREAT: I bought truck new and has never burned oil. I have never had engine work done. dependable. looks great. 4x4 works great. after 21 years strangers still ask me if I want to sell. GOOD: plenty of power for climbing hills and towing for a small truck. blue paint looks new except over the cab top. Interior in good shape. NOT SO GOOD: transmission had to be rebuilt at 198,000 miles. CV joints needed to be replaced at 165,000 miles ( cost $500 to professionally replace). Summary: I have never babied this truck. I've been stuck in sand bars buried up to the axles on streams 50 miles from paved roads. I've pulled 40' RV's out of snow banks. I've gone places a coyote wouldn't go. bottom line: this is the best vehicle I have ever owned !

Average Rating : 5


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