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I kind of miss my Mazfa 6 logo 5/8/2015 kaz411

I owned this car for about 20 months and I miss the sporty 4 door sedan. Overall was a nice car and reliable in the AZ heat.


Favorite Feature : Didn't really have any favorite, just lots of trunk space and ample leg room, unlike my current car.

Suggested Improvement : I thought my car, the Mazda 6 Sport, was a little sluggish for the kind of car it was. I think it was a 4 cylinder but the car really didn't have the pep to it I wanted. It didn't have ECO boost either which would be nice for better gas mileage. And the trunk- there is NO way to open it if the lever inside quits working, there is no manual way to open it, no bypass except for way behind the seat and that is impossible to get to unless youre a mechanic. Had to get the little motor replaced which was over $200. Wipers were a pain to replace, nothing is simple on this car. Didn't have blind spot detection, or any back up cam either, would have been nice, hopefully newer Mazdas have them.

Average Rating : 3.75


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