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I like it.....but logo 7/28/2015 Bellman

There really isn't much to complain about the car. I have had a few recalls, but they were nothing serious, and I dropped my car off, they fixed what the recall was for, and I got my car back. Simple. The Bluetooth on my phone connects instantly it. When you're on Bluetooth and you're still on the phone, but you have to turn the car off. As soon as you turn the car off, the Bluetooth switches back to your phone. Awesome! It looks stylish and sporty, and has really good acceleration. The wheel seems a bit sluggish at times, but it's also a CVT, but you'll get used to it. I have taken many road trips and have had people in every section of my car. It's easy even when you have car seats and to get kids in and out. It goes the same with adults trying to get in and out. I have had an adult sit in the third row by themselves and they complimented on how much room they still had. And by no means was this adult small :-) The quality of the materials are good. It's obviously no Infiniti, Lexus etc, but it had a smooth interior and the controls are very easy to manage and a lot of helpful options to search for (big reason why I chose this over the Explorer). I get really good gas mileage in long trips and short trips. I could drive from Houston to Oklahoma City on one tank of gas. Seriously!The only problem that I have is, that my backup camera keeps messing up. The screen changes colors randomly, and gets fuzzy, but I can still see out of it. I had to take it in and get it fixed (free of course by the dealership) and they did that, but after about a week I am having the same problem. Last time they just replaced the whole console. I don't care what they replaced, I just need the camera to stop messing up. Either way, I bought it in 2014 with about 4500 miles and now it has about 32,000 and it's still going strong.

Average Rating : 4


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