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I like Mr. Renny! AKA 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude logo 6/14/2016 Margaret Strachan

The Renegade's size and exterior styling caught my eye when visiting the dealer to have a Ram truck serviced over a year ago. I walked over to look, and--it was quite upscale and European looking inside! I then walked around to look at the window sticker--it was MADE IN EUROPE--Italy to be precise. Was it possible that this confirmed European car driver could actually purchase an American car as a daily driver? (The Ram truck only pulls a horse trailer and goes to the hardware store). I was not in need of a new vehicle, but I kept thinking about the Renegade. Fast forward about 18 months, I looked the Renegade up online just out of curiosity to check reviews, and found huge manufacturer and dealer incentives on the remaining 2015s in stock--I thought, oh my, I can get a brand new Jeep (actually a Fiat) for about the same price paid for a new 2001 VW Beetle years ago! Another big plus for me was the availability of a manual transmission. I was sorely tempted at his point despite the VW's reliability, and headed for the Jeep dealer. Let m assure you that going to an American car dealer was quite a step for me! The first dealer did not have what I was looking for, but the second dealer did--I'd been doing all the shopping and research, and was quite sure we were going home with the Renegade, so I asked my husband to come along to look at the Renegade and drive the VW home. He was amazed at the good value and quality of the Renegade! The Renegade continues to please--30+mpg in combined driving, and the car is very willing to move--engine and manual trans are smooth! It is very quiet and roomy inside--good sized adults will fit in the back seat, and simply easy to deal with--it actually is a utility vehicle. It does not rattle or have wind noise. It has some nice touches inside like soft lighting, the seats are comfortable, and I'm really enjoying the SiriusXM radio trial. I am thrilled to not have to drive a 50 mile round trip for service since I have two Jeep dealers close by. I have not owned the vehicle long enough to comment on durability, but I believe the build quality is good. A family member who worked at a high level job for another car manufacturer looked at it and was impressed by the quality. At this point I am very satisfied with the Renegade. I keep my vehicles for a long time, drive them carefully, and have them maintained on schedule. I expect that this vehicle will last.

Average Rating : 5


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