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I lots of go for little dough logo 12/10/2016 T Saroch

Awesome car, fantastic fuel milage. Trip home, wife got 46.2 on 358 mile trip home- brand new with less than 900 miles on unit. Me, only 39-41 mpg, but I run it over 80 , cheat by at least 10 mph out hear in West Texas , speed limit is 80. The car corners like its on rails, smooth as class, quite as a morgue,& stops on a dime. More toys on it than I know how to ever use- simply love it. We are in our 70's and own many different vehicles& have in the past. Corvettes, Porches,Caddys, Jeeps,& my next favorite to the Benz, my F250 4X4. Tried a BMW 528, nice car, but the Benz is easier to enter& exit. As stated this car is a lot of car for a very reasonable investment. I love my 560SL, but this is a nicer car by far.

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