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I Love Mine logo 7/13/2015 Jack Montague

I purchase my 3 door LS extended cab 2WD 2.2L in August of 2001 brand new off the dealership lot and have been happy ever since. Almost 14 years and 116,000 miles later we're still together and going down the road. I have always loved the reliability and simplicity of my S-10 (I'm old so it gets more points since it's so simple!) All I have done is preventative maintenance and nothing else, I've never had issues with it except a new exhaust system last year. It hasn't gotten any rust and seems to be a good truck for the money since I didn't want the Silverado MPG. I took it on a 410 mile trip last weekend without any issues and the 4 cylinder got 24 MPG and that's with the hilly Missouri terrain with the Cruise Control set to 70. I really love this truck and since it's lasted 13 ILL winters without any issues I'll keep it for another 13+!

Average Rating : 5


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