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I LOVE my 00' Jeep Grand cherokee! logo 9/6/2015 John C

I bought this as my first car, I got it for a cheap price but I was weary when I saw 130k mileage on the odometer. I did my research and asked previous Jeep owners, and I went with their overall responses. They said its has a great engine and transmission that will last for at least 200k miles easily with proper maintenance. I agree with them completely. The car has about 140k Miles on it now and the engine still runs great and quiet like it was still new. It has only been 10k miles, but that's mostly city driving and a couple of 300 mile trips. I have a rattling and shaking in my front end when I hit small bumps, But not all the parts are going to be perfect after 15 years of age. I have replaced the water pump, upper radiator hose, and tie rods so far. Besides changing oil every 3k miles, that's all I have replaced mechanically. I have also installed a higher performance muffler onto my Jeep by choice (Flowmaster Super 44). The Jeep runs amazing and I hope that it goes at least 250k before the engine dies.I live in a major city, So my gas mileage is piss poor (About 10 mpg), but I fill up with Plus so it lasts a little longer than regular unleaded. On the highway I get about 25 to 30 mpg. So not a city car. My interior is tan with brown moldings, the interior isn't entirely perfect but again its been 15 years. Overall an amazing car, a good build and very comfortable to travel with

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