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I LOVE my 2015 E250 Sport logo 7/4/2016 S. Ramsey

I bought my 2015 E250 Sport with bluetec for a great price at $45,000(that is after registration). These are the sepcs of the car. Diesel inline 4 cylinder, 196 HP 369 ft-lbs. @ 1600 rpm 28/40 MPG combined 34. I know Edmunds has it listed at 27/38 but that is incorrect. I am in love with this car and I am happy I purchased it. It has more than enough power and I love the fact that it is a gas saver. These cars are very popular in Europe, because they are efficient. I am also a German American 6f 1 and I have plenty of room. The performance is also excellent, you must understand you are not buying a Porsche. I would recommend this model to anyone but I would get it pre owned because new these cars are over 60K.

Average Rating : 5


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