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I LOVE my Escape, but. . . . logo 7/6/2015 renngpt

First let me say, I love my 2015 Ford Escape except for one tiny issue - I purchased the vehicle in Dec 2014 in less than two weeks the brakes began to scream when the vehicle is first started in the morning when backing out of garage. I have returned to dealer three times but the squeal continues. This is not a brake squeak it is a long shrill squeal to the point my neighbors tell me they hear me leaving every morning. Currently have less than 3300 miles and the dealer is pretty much telling me to like it or lump it they are not doing anything else. Needless to say I am not a very happy Ford owner right now. Furthermore, an internet search reveals mine is not the first Escape to do this.

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : I suggest the Ford Motor Company get on the stick and come up with a solution for this "not so uncommon" brake problem and issue a TSB pretty soon, otherwise, after being a loyal Ford owner for over 15 years I may be trading for a Chevy

Average Rating : 5


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