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I love my Kia Spectra 5 SX logo 7/29/2015 Swiffy

I bought my car new in 2007, and I did not regret it. I have now 120000 miles on it and all I basically had to put in was money for new tires and brakes. I have done oil changes regularly and lately replaced all the belts, just in case, but it runs just fine and it has done so from day one. No recalls, no faulty airbags, no nothing. Good customer service from a dealer ship and easy handling - I am very satisfied with my car. It drives when it is dry, when it rains, through ice and snow, good traction, nothing to worry. I have to laugh when I see commercials for all the 'most bought' and 'most reliable' cars, still 'on the road after 10 years' etc and I think of all the recalls all of the big automakers constantly have. No matter how old you car or truck is, there is a recall. I had none and that pretty much satisfies me. And no exploding faulty airbags to worry about, even better.

Average Rating : 5


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