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I love my new 2016 MDX ! logo 9/11/2015 Sid J

My wife and I were in the market for our first luxury crossover and we couldn't be happier with our purchase (Advance Pkg, SH-AWD). Let me say outright that we did not consider any German cars for reasons ranging from high price point/high maintenance to poor reliability/longevity. We weren't particular about having 3-rows, but felt it'd be nice to have the option (for trips with family/friends) - the MDX fit the bill perfectly. I've had my MDX for 6-weeks and driven 1800 miles, so its obviously too early to talk about reliability(which the Acura brand is known for) but here are the pros/cons as I see it.Pros:- Drives great. Plenty of power to summon in any situation (esply with Normal/Sport IDS modes).- Very comfortable seats & ride. You don't feel minor road imperfections & the suspension does a great job of dampening out big potholes.- Very quiet cabin. Conversation between 1st & 2nd row passengers have never been easier.- Gas sipper (I use premium 93 octane). I consistently average over 24-mpg in combined driving. Averaged 26-mpg during a recent 600-mile road trip(80% highway) with 5 adults, fully loaded cargo space (3rd row folded). That said, I always use cruise at highway speeds and avoid very hard acceleration/braking. I calculate MPG estimates to be 100% sure though the tip computer is not off by much (-0.5 to +1 MPG off actual).- Realized the beauty of SH-AWD driving on curvy, hilly wet roads (yet to test on snow/heavy rain). Just when I thought I needed to hit the brakes to slow around a corner, the MDX breezes past with aplomb. It drives like a car - you don't feel body roll, side-to-side weight transfer during turns.- Love all the safety features, esply the Lane departure warning. I read recently that it received great crash-test scores.Now for the Cons:- Depending on the gear you are in, the transmission sometimes seems to lag for a split second before it accelerates. I believe this has to do with dog clutch in the ZF-9 speed design. - Adaptive cruise may seem hard on braking/acceleration depending on how you normally drive.- Touchscreen response is a tad slower than I'd like it to be.- Fog lights are offered only as an accessory (extra $)- Power-folding side mirrors, panaromic roof, motion-activated power liftgate not available.I've seen people voice concerns on online forums regarding transmission, build quality(as MDXs are built now in Alabama Vs Canada until about a couple of years ago) but based on my experience, I'm inclined to believe most of them are unjustified. There have also been complaints about higher than usual noise coming from under the hood(for someone outside the car) even when the a/c compressor is not running - the owners manual clearly says that is expected as a result of the system checks ! Complaints related to dual-screen is a matter of getting used to - I actually find it convenient. The 3rd row of seating is mostly for kids (or short adults for upto 2-hr ride). In my opinion, this is the most well-rounded luxury crossover offering an optimal mix of comfort, handling, value and safety. Get one - you'll love it !

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