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I love my subaru!!! Deptford NJ logo 9/2/2015 Blaze Andruchow

I'm 31, I always had fast cars but you can't realy use all that power without being pulled over, maybe I'm just more mature now but 2.5i has just enough power. It's not a rocket ship but it's just enough, very good acceleration at higher speeds. Cvt makes acceleration very smooth and when using paddle shifters computer makes shure it's safe for your motor and tranny so it doesn't let you push it to hard. It's not a race car but has just enough power to go fast when you need too. Engine needs to be warmed up for quick acceleration. Interior very nice, some hard plastics on door panels get scratched pretty easy when you are not careful with your keys getting in or out. I'm sure it's faster in corners than most of competitors because it feels like it's glued to the asphalt so you can go fast in corners (symmetrical AWD - love it) I'm sure I'll be one of the fastest guys out there in snow or heavy rain, I wish my 2.5i premium had dual exhaust with louder boxer sound. Some people complain about louder acceleration, I wish it was louder so I could enjoy my boxer. I love this car and I will stay in Subaru family in the future. Ps. I'm waiting on magnaflow or Borla to come up with dual exhaust system for my 2015

Average Rating : 4


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