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I love my Tribute logo 4/27/2015 walker328

I purchased this in September 2014, with about 96k miles on it. It has a few scrapes and a cracked rear bumper so I got it at a decent price. Evidently the one previous owner took excellent care of it (all scheduled maintenance performed), and it has run fine until this very rainy morning. Flashing engine light, weak acceleration, burning smell and chuggy movement led me straight to the repair shop. 3 out of 6 ignition coils and the spark plugs were just about spent causing it to misfire. Not a cheap repair due the intake manifold needing to be removed which is a pretty big deal. Plugs were due to be replaced anyway. All else looks good and now it's good to go for many more miles.

Favorite Feature : Good amount of cargo space, peppy and good pick-up, split rear seats, lovely dark red color, stereo is nice and loud.

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 4.875


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