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I love this car, 100,000k review 2012 Sonic LT 1.4L Turbo logo 6/28/2015 jfus

I bought the 2012 Sonic LT 1.4L Turbo automatic. Bought brand new. I've been doing city driving/long distance trips (300+ miles) on freeways/rural roads. I drove in cool/warm/hot desert weather. Acceleration, steering, braking is great. Interior is comfy and roomy. Only issue I had was with cooling system. During first 5K miles, hoses started to leak. Later on at 38k miles~ water pump started to leak, and was replaced. At 75k miles~ radiator needed to be replaced (due to hole). At 98k miles engine overheated due to water pump leaking and thermostat issue; Water pump replaced again, therm. also. All repair issues were covered through 100k warranty (except for radiator, warranty ends at 60k).

Favorite Feature : Interior: Comfortable and spacious for four people (five it gets crowded).Performance: 1.4L Turbo is peppy and responsive (way better than the 1.8L).Design: Car looks sporty. Motorcycle inspired lights and interior tachometer is cool. Though interior materials are on the cheap side.Reliability: Very reliable. Only issue I had was with cooling system (though I did drive in extremely hot desert weather on many of my trips).

Suggested Improvement : -Interior materials could be better-Cooling system issues need to be addressed from the start in future models.

Average Rating : 4.75


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