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I LOVE this car! logo 9/1/2015 Shane Gochenouer

This car has met all of my expectations and surpassed most of them, it is everything I was looking for at a very reasonable price point. I previously owned a 2014 Civic EX 4dr, which I bought, at least partially, because Civics are traditionally modders, with a lot of potential for customization. Not so much the case (mechanically) anymore, unless you get the SI, but I work in the city and bumper to bumper commuting with a manual, forget it. At any rate, the ILX offered everything I wanted my Civic to become, sporty, both in appearance and performance (big emphasis on performance), as well as more luxury and Honda/Acura's legendary reliability. I did a LOT of research before pulling the trigger on the purchase and I just don't think that anything out there can touch the ILX if price is at all an issue for you. Go to Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus websites and "Build and Price" their entry level offerings with same/similar features and you will see what I mean. In NONE of those cases are you getting anywhere near the ILX in features, performance, quality or reliability for under 40K (the model I bought, w/ premium package, stickers at $30,820 with destination charges). If you are looking to buy a status symbol, this isn't the car for you, but if you want luxury quality and performance combined with unmatched reliability, this is definitely worth a look and test drive, I consider it a class leading example of what I call "practical luxury". Also worth mention, I had a 2015 ILX base model (with the 2.0) loaner for a day and a half while the dealership installed a remote start and was NOT impressed, the 2015 would not have won me over, I would still be driving the Civic, so if you have an earlier model and weren't pleased or it didn't meet your expectations, give the 2016 a test drive. The only Cons I have to offer are getting into and out of the vehicle (at 5'11" with short legs and a long torso) can be slightly awkward and low speed crawl can be chunky at times (for the first week till you get used to shift points) however from the reviews I have read on its competitors it still excels in this area (I haven't test driven any of them).

Average Rating : 5


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