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I love this car logo 6/14/2016 Oliver Thurman

I've had it for almost a year now. Aside from the unusual drive system (plug-in electric, with backup gasoline engine) it's basically a very mainstream midsize passenger sedan. Since I'm not a high-mileage driver, most of the miles I have put on the car have been in pure-electric mode. In this mode, which lasts for 27 miles or so, the car is just incredibly quiet and smooth, giving you a real sense of luxury in a non-luxury car. A curious side-effect: the near-silence of the car at low speeds makes traffic jams (I live in LA) seem less awful! Or so I feel. I'm also quite happy not to bother visiting gas stations -- I use about about one tank every six months. The engine *does* turn on if you need to accelerate onto a freeway, or for that matter if you're just feeling in a hurry and use a lead foot. When you do this, you'll get 200 h.p., plus the extra torque that electric drive offers. But in most circumstances I find it relaxing to exercise just a bit of self-restraint and accelerate so that electricity alone suffices.I got the fancier version and enjoy the bells and whistles that come with it. There are discrete warnings about lane departure, etc., that make driving safer, and the sound system keeps me, a finicky listener, quite happy (having no engine noise to compete with the music helps too.)Seats are really comfy with lots of legroom both front and back. Visibility is good all around.It's true that by buying this car I've lost a certain amount of trunk room (space is needed for the huge battery). But it's actually easier retrieving grocery bags from the smaller trunk (a little short of 10 cubic feet) than it was from the cavernous trunk of my former car. If I need to carry something big the huge back seat will usually be enough.Sadly, I have never, ever, spotted another Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid on the road -- I'm totally alone in my preference! Too bad; I think other buyers would enjoy this car very much if they only gave it a try. The 2017 model is pretty much just the same as the 2016 I have, so this review probably holds good for the 2017 version too.

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