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I LOVE THIS VAN logo 8/28/2015 Brandon Kelly

I have to admit, minivans are a guilty pleasure of mine, I love the versatility and space to do what ever the day calls for, whether its going to the hardware store, using the AWD to get to the slopes, or just carting around the family. The fit and finish is beyond what I would expect for something designed to be destroyed by my four year old. After just over 2000 miles there is not a single rattle, plastic and trim is solid, no cheap stick on chrome that peals off after the first 105 degree day. The feel on the road reminds me more of a well balanced large luxury car than a top heavy minivan. The engine is responsive and capable, the transmission is always there and never searching for the right gear. Brakes could be more aggressive, But are adequate. I have the lowest trim level available with AWD (All Wheel Drive) and am quite pleased with the standard options, Power sliding doors, back up camera, power drivers seat, roof rack. I do wish the vehicle had more USB outlets. The visibility is great, while doing low speed maneuvers in parking lots I am able to account for the whole vehicle, unlike my previous car that could hide a freight train in its blind spot. The interior is easy to arrange, seats are on tracks and the rear row will simply fold into the floor. The turning radius is great and allows for easy parking or U-turns. I wish it got a little better fuel economy, and the armrests on the driver and front passenger seats are too narrow for my liking. As Chili Palmer says, " It's the Cadillac of minivans." Buy this Van you will not regret it.

Average Rating : 5


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