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I love this vehicle, except... logo 9/4/2015 Angela Mac

The windshield tint or glass causes eye strain, dizziness & headaches on long trips or when commuting daily. I loved everything about this car so much the first 3 months I owned it until I began commuting an hour to work every day and realized that there is something about the windshield that extremely bothers my eyes. My local dealership had a technician drive it and they agreed that it seemed to have a warp to it that made his head hurt while driving it. They replaced it with another factory glass windshield, but it continues to bother me and they say that there is nothing left they can do. I never would have noticed it had I not been driving it so long everyday. Around town or short trips seem completely fine. Other than that it's an amazing SUV that I really love driving! Much roomier than the older 4runners inside. Can't wait until I can get this issue fixed or Toyota recalls the windshield!

Average Rating : 3


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