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I loved my bonneville logo 7/1/2015 jfranks83

but I bought mine with 140,000 miles on it and it would shut down all the time and even got to the point where it would shut down for hours then just start back up. Took a while but figured out it was the crank sensor, but also within having the car a week I had to replace, front struts, back shocks,both control arms, both sway bars, latterall links in the back, the fuel pump, and the ignition. This car was beautiful but it killed me money wise. Also rack and pinion was bad and was going to change it only to find out the rear end was rusted to the point that only the floor boards were holding it together!I bought another and also has the same front shake, anybody know why?Also window prob.

Favorite Feature : This car is beautiful, I love the inside and the design of the whole car in general. They ride very nice before they start the bonneville death shake, that they all seem to have!

Suggested Improvement : I wish they did not rust so easily, and they could use improvements on how everything goes bad after they hit 100,000 miles. I really would like to know what is causing it to shake so I can fix it. If anyone has answers please help. Thank you

Average Rating : 2.875


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