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I loved my spark.....until logo 9/11/2015 T.C.

The car is great once you get the hang of managing the charge. I get about 80-90 miles per full charge. It is cute and zippy, pickup is fine, love parking the tiny thing, and like the Tardis it is bigger on the inside than on the outside. But don't take it to the drive in, just saying, I did and it is not quite up to the task.The lease price was great and I also got a rebate which is way awesome. Driving in the HOV lane is great too. HOWEVER. Somehow after only 4 months a tire blew and now for 3 weeks I have been unable to get a replacement tire. Apparently the tires are very special, and the manufacturer hadn't planned on making any more, and they can't get any for 4 months, at least that is what the dealer says, which sounds crazy to me. I went online and bought a tire and am waiting for it to arrive. Thankfully I hadn't gotten rid of my gas guzzler! I also was offered a free home charger but since then, months ago, I haven't gotten it and no one responds to my emails.Service departments of dealers don't know much about these cars and don't always want to. No one else knows anything at all. I hope this won't be a problem as the car ages. It's not a good deal if you can't use it!

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