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I must have got a bad one. Fully loaded SX logo 8/11/2015 Asia

It is now 2015 I Bought this brand new and it is still giving me problems. 2011 Sorento SX Burgundy, Pan moon roof, nav ....the top model for the year. First day got home wouldn't start. Has had so many recalls and issues such as. Backup camera blacked out. Power died when driving. The suspension was off. The moon roof creaked badly. The alternator died. And even now the latest issue is when I get out and close the doors the sensors say that the doors are not closed. And that somehow makes the car go dead. I have to unhook the battery to get car to start. I'm not even mention all the issues. I have been trying to live with this purchase until the best time to move on. The Best thing is that the dealer ship has been easy to work with. But I will not buy a Kia again, afraid of being lured by the amenities and being burned later, by a unreliable car. And my car still has the new car smell!

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