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I own an XLE AWD hybrid, just rented this one logo 7/4/2016 stevefromtheburbs

Faced with the TSA backlogs and nonsense at the airport, I decided to drive back from Atlanta, to Philly, using a one way rental. It was a 2016 RAV4, FWD, XLE. I own an XLE hybrid version, so I knew it would be comfortable as I love my owned one. Well, what was supposed to be a 13 hour drive, turned into an 18 hour drive. All in one day, leaving the airport rental lot at 5am, arriving at Philly airport at 11pm. We stopped by our house to drop off our bags before going to the airport, adding 1 hour. But, the point of the story is that after 18 hours on the road with this car, I will tell you I have never been more comfortable on a long car ride - and this was the longest I've been on in a one day trip. Yes, the paint on the hood does chip easily, my rental had lots of them from lots of highway miles. On my own car, I added a bug/stone deflector, and it helps. But the hybrid is made in Japan, and the paint is a higher quality. I know, I had the 2015 LIMITED that I traded in on the XLE hybrid. The 2015 had lots of chips on the hood and around the door frames. The 2016 hybrid does not. So, a great car, love it alot, and if the paint chips bother you, get the hybrid while they are still made in Japan. Nothing bad to say about my rental, and would highly recommend for anyone who wants a great SUV/CUV without any drama/problems/etc. The paint thing was frustrating, but the bug deflector seemed to help alot.

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