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I owned the vechile for 2 years....never again! logo 8/31/2015 MIchelle

OK the car in my opinion is over priced and these are the reasons why.1. the dashboard, well I don't even know what that is other than plastic. This makes it very easy to wipe down. I mean a damp cloth with a little light weight cleaner (I use organic cleaners) and wham it looks new again. Problem I can't see that dashboard lasting and would be really surprised if it did. I keep my windows and the car covered to protect it so maybe this will help.2. I have had to have rusting bolts replaced (MY car is 2 years old, 2013. With 28K miles on it. I bought it with 68 miles). In addition, the paint job wasn't all that great and after getting home with my car I noticed foggy areas on the paint. They fixed that for me right away but still I was left without my car for 3 days.3. The paint is some type of silicon? Therefore press your nail in it and it leaves the impression. That is so not cool. Think about it.4. The seats could use much improvement. I bought pads for them because they are sunken and not padded well as on many imports. My car was 18 years old so it took me a few weeks to notice this. I wish I had noticed before that. lol5. The molding around my car which is the only metal I think it has after 2 years was discolouring and spotting. It got blamed on the rain. Really? Serioulsy? You think the rain did that but didn't touch the paint? I don't think so. Either way it had to be replaced. It really looked like a car that was 20 years old and I'd had it for 2 years! Not cool. Not cool at all. Really bent me. 6. The seat covers, cloth on the seats, they do not hold up well. They do not clean well. I already had to have one of the seats replaced. This was done a little over 1 year of owning the car. At that time there was another lady having the same thing done and she had had her car about the same length of time.7. Due to the material they used for the interior it will show every mark. I mean if you vacuum and the vacuum drags across the "plastic" around the door near the dashboard or even where the gears for park etc are. It will leave a scratch. I also had that area replaced due to the scratching much to my vain due to they scratched [non-permissible content removed] out of it while replacing it and the old piece had less markings. :() 8. Lastly the key has buttons for opening the door and starting the car. Somehow for me it is super easy to hit and not notice I opened the trunk. Now please understand I'm good to my cars. They laugh at me at the dealership and tell me my car is spotless. I laugh because I'm bringing it in for a detail when they tell me this. My Toyota was a 93 and I bought it with 2000 miles. Not one spot on my car. No one believed me when I told them it was 20 years old. They thought it was a 2003 or so. :) I take very good care of my belongings inside and out. The bumpers were still jet black! No cracks, no marks on the inside! No tears in the seats nothing. UPDATE: I had the car for two years in that course of time the paint had to be redone 2x's. The visor fell off in my lap while driving...bolts had to be replaced. Rusting had to be taken care of inside the car door, the interior was marking up not good and for no real reason, the front seat had to be replaced, the trimming was peeling, the door started creaking and slightly tilted, thus it was coming off the hinges Really? I took it in a couple of times, and each time I was told nothing was wrong with it but there is no way I was imaging it! What am I talking about? The car would rock when stopped as if a huge vechile had droven by when there were NO cars around me! Several times I would go to accelerate in order to move out of the line of being "hit" and the car just wouldn't go. I have no idea what would cause this but either way total bs. I had the car for two years and I sold it back to the dealership. I suppose the issues with this car are high since they bought it back from me leaving me to owe $37. To top it off in two years I went from 34 miles per gallon to 28. I take very good care of my cars, cleaning, detailing and I never miss an oil change etc. I will never own another Cheverolet. The car isn't worth the materials to make it.

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