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I should have heeded warnings. logo 8/1/2015 MollyRose

We purchased the Titanium package 2014 Focus in August 2014. It was sort of a rushed purchase because of a situation we had at home. At first we loved it. It was comfortable and efficient and looked pretty decent for a 4-door sedan. It now (Aug 2015) has about 4000 easy miles. It has always been babied and garaged and serviced regularly. We were thinking all along "why are people complaining about the Focus?" NOW we know. At the low mileage of 4000, last night the car showed us its real performance. It started jerking and fluttering and stopping and starting, really scary on the road. Then the engine light came on. We made it home thank goodness. We're taking it to the dealer Monday and I am already anticipating a scene or non-help from what I have read on numerous reviews. This really irks me. We bought a brand-new car thinking it would last at least 10 years for us (like most of our non-Ford cars have always done). This is our very first "lemon." What happens remains to be seen, but I am not optimistic. The salesman looked us straight in the eye on the day we purchased this car and smiled and said, this is a "great little car." What a joke. He HAD to know the problems.

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