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I think I have a lemon :( logo 3/28/2015 smilechick

*Starting the car: You have to have the clutch pushed very hard, all the way to the ground and make sure to hold the button in long enough. My fiance’s car is a 6 speed with a push start and I’ve never had any trouble with his car.I have driven a stick shift for over 15 years. This clutch is very picky and after a lot of time spent stranded, sitting in my car, I have finally realized that I need to ride the clutch, unfortunately. That's the only way I can get it to get up and go without stalling. I'm always super nervous while driving it for this reason and feel unsafe. My fiancé also refuses to drive my car for this reason.*Where is the sound proofing?? When driving in the rain/snow...

Favorite Feature : ..this car is very loud.*Windshield wipers "click" when on low, I was told is normal, it sounds like a blinker and is annoying.* It won't read my flash drive, it acts like nothing is inserted. The few times it did read it, it kept freezing up and wasn't worth my trouble. I have tried 3 other flash drives, they work just fine everywhere else, besides this car, so this feature can’t be used.*Radio - I have had many issues with it and they had to replace my radio twice. It turns itself off, won’t work, sound or screen go out, etc. *blue tooth cuts out/people can’t hear me when it does work, even if I’m almost shouting. *The navigation, it's a joke to say the very least. I inquired about

Suggested Improvement : an update and they said I had the newest version. It cannot seem to detect where I am and the few times I used it, it took us really far out of our way and took us down some strange side roads that weren't near our destination.*Clock in navigation system - it doesn't update with the satellite and the service man showed me how to change it when daylight savings time happens.*Auto turn off headlight feature - I saw some reviews that said it didn't have this, but there is a setting, if you search hard enough, where the lights will automatically turn off after you walk away from your car. It works, I have tested it, but why on Earth would they still make it beep at you to turn ur lights off?

Average Rating : 2.875


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