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I thought I would buy a Lexus logo 9/7/2015 Bob Ham

My wife and I decided to buy a new car, and a nice car, which we have never done. I really thought we would end up with a Lexus, as I have been buying Toyotas for many years. We drove several cars but it came down to the Lexus ES 350 and the Genesis. It was no contest. The Genesis had a much more sophisticated and pampered feel. The cabin is very quiet and the car is very sure around corners and curves, even at higher speeds. It's not a sports car, but it is confident. With as much tech as there is on cars these days you want the controls to be intuitive and easy to use, I mean, you're driving, there's no time for fumbling. The Genesis has the perfect balance of touchscreen selections, buttons and knobs where they should be. Overall, my favorite option is the 360 degree radar - all used for different tasks - parking, backing up, emergency braking, adaptive cruise, etc.. My wife's favorite option are the ventilated seats (We live in Houston - usually hot). For us, the Lexus was a dated vehicle compared to the Genesis. Driving the car was pleasant but boring; and the "mouse" was frustrating to use for an interface and the audio system sound was disappointing for such an elite vehicle. Make no mistake - the Lexus customer experience is entirely another level, but the Genesis, for us, was the superior car - by far - and our ultimate purchase. It's been about 2 months of ownership and we continue to be impressed. The only issue I have with the car is the mileage - 1st tank was 15.0 mpg in mixed driving. We'll see what the future holds. Overall, though, great job, Hyundai!! I'll post future reviews as it goes....

Average Rating : 5


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