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I want to be in CONTROL - not it!!!!! logo 6/13/2017 Chris

I know I should love this car and I know old ladies shouldn't swear. But, I freaking hate this car and wish I had bought an older model, which is sad because I haven't bought a new car in 13 years! 1)Auto Stop - if you are stopped for a tiny amount of time, the engine will shut off and restart when you move the steering wheel or take your foot off the brake. IT IS UNNERVING!! When I bought the car, the dealer said you can turn that irritation off but he meant you have to turn it off every time you start the car. 2)The freaking BEEPING - you can turn the incessant beeping off and risk backing into a brick wall if you're not used to the camera, or you can leave it on and have it annoy the living @!#%& out of you - when you're backing out of an underground spot with nothing for 2-3' in any direction, when you're rounding a tight turn on your daily trip home (??????), or when it thinks you're too close to a car in front of you - I'm not yet dead, I'm not blind, if I'm that close to a car in front of me it's because I WANT TO BE!! 3)The incredibly stupid feature that unlocks all the windows - my boyfriend says it's unlocking the doors, then holding the unlock button down. However, it happened to me when I LOCKED the car and not sure what got pressed as the key jostled in my purse. In any case, who EVER wants all their windows opened unless they're IN THE CAR? I live in Seattle - rain, rain and more rain, twice now in my car completely accidentally. In summary of the features, TOO $%^&& MUCH! When I want a driverless car, I'll get one, til then LET ME DRIVE THE CAR!!!!! And finally, I don't know if it's suspension or what, but going over speed bumps or into a big profile driveway (dozens of times a day for most people), is detrimental to your spine.

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