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I want to love my Subaru but.... logo 7/7/2016 Marc

I bequeathed my 2005 Honda Accord to my daughter so it was time to look for a new car. What I really wanted was out of my price range or just not practical with my family needs. I wanted something a little different and safety was a priority. We owned a 1994 Subaru Imprezza many years ago and it actually saved my wife's life when someone t-boned her. I've owned Hyundais and Nissans and in a previous life in the UK, Mini's (the original), Fords and Vauxhalls. My choices last year came down to the Honda Accord V6 Touring or the Subaru Legacy 3.6R with EyeSight. I eventually picked the Legacy. It's not a bad car, but there just seems something missing that could make it great. The safety equipment is excellent and the eyesight has engaged a couple of times and even stopped the car albeit no impact was imminent. That said, everything else about the car is just OK, it just doesn't stir any emotions and yet, with a big 3.6 engine and all wheel drive, I expected better, sportier handling and road holding, a quieter more compliant ride and better technology. Don't get me wrong, for the price, it's great value. Compare it to a Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc with the same level of equipment and you'll spend at minimum $10K-$15K more. I feel that Subaru played it safe, rather than making an aggressive statement to mid size car buyers. The one thing that really irks me are the ergonomics, which are awful. Our 1994 Imprezza was awesome, you got in and just sunk into a perfect driving position. This goes for other cars I've owned and rented. A year and half on, and I am still unable to find a comfortable driving and seating position. The seats look good but are narrow, very thin and have no side or lateral support. Furthermore, the lumbar even at it's lowest position pushes into my lower back which means the seat part does not support my thighs. If I tilt the seat base up to compensate, I have to recline the seat more for lumbar space and in turn leaves for no upper back support. The foot rest is also too close so I have to rest my left foot next to the break pedal. The steering wheel is at a strange angle too and the dials, while cool looking, are just too far away, as is the touch screen for all of the other controls. Whoever designed the ergonomics needs to take a look at them again. All in all, even on the shortest journeys, including my ten miles each way to and from work, I'm uncomfortable and at this point I'm so frustrated that I'm starting to look at alternatives and just get rid of it. Like the title of this write up states, I want to love my Subaru, but its just not doing it for me and when spending mid $30K on a vehicle that I had expected to keep and pass on to my eleven year old in the years to come. Its very disappointing and while I gave an overall 3 stars, in truth I'd give it 2 1/2.

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