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I want to love this car! logo 4/6/2015 cdough

I have do love everything about this car, except it burns oil SO badly! After almost 40k miles, Subaru is FINALLY replacing the short block, but I'm told this will only change my oil consumption from 1qt. every ~1800 miles to 1qt. every ~3500-4000 miles. :/ The main culprit is the 0-20W synthetic oil, which is WAY too thin to go 7500 miles without an oil change and I plan on switching to a higher weight oil after the warranty is up, even if it means less MPGs. Otherwise, everything else about this car is AWESOME!! Subaru may have lost a Subaru for life customer though. :(

Favorite Feature : Style, ground clearance, all weather maneuverability! I love almost everything about it!

Suggested Improvement : The engine! This is the 2nd major engine problem for Subaru since the early 2000s. They should go back to the 2.2L engine from the 90s, which is the BEST engine they ever built! You cannot kill it!

Average Rating : 4.625


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