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I want to love this SUV but too many negatives logo 6/20/2015 emwhydee

I live in AZ and have had this vehicle for 14 months and whenever the temps rise above 90 degrees and the car is parked in the sun the LKAS and LDW do not work. I get a message that the camera is too hot. 10-15 minutes later, the cameras start working but by that time I am already home. I purchased this car because of these safety features but did not realize they would not work. What a waste. The voice activated navigation system is equally poor and does not recognize addresses or place names so it is another lost cause. I do not recommend buying this car for these features.On the plus side, the SUV is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. The seat hugs you, the ride is quiet and it is easy to drive. This is why I want to love this SUV but the negatives outweigh these positives. I purchased a high end vehicle specifically for these safety features and when they don't work, I end up hating the car all over again. I will not buy or lease an Acura again.

Average Rating : 3


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