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I wanted an SUV, but... logo 6/17/2016 Philip Gipson

We traded our 2000 Sienna XLE for the 2011 4cyl. LE trim model. It has all the bells and whistles we need. It's true-the interior quality is inferior to the first gen. Sienna, but I have to say: we have lived hard in this van and it just continues to take our punishment after 6 years. The plastics might appear cheap, but they have taken everything we have thrown at them. Maintenance costs have been minimal through six years (a battery change; brake pads, tires). This could be due to my regular maintenance habits. When we purchased the vehicle, our plan was to keep it at least 10 years as we keep vehicles far a long time ('95 F150, '02 Avalon, '07 Xterra). We believe it will make it based on its reliability so far and the fact that our kids are either grown or nearly grown. We would recommend a Sienna to anyone in the market for a minivan. They are priced in the market "sweet spot" as minivans go and they are perfect for families with 2-4 children. We have plenty of nit-picky gripes we could share, but overall, we couldn't be more pleased with the daily reliability of our Sienna. And one more point: research the reliability history of Toyota 4 cylinder engines. They are one of the most bullet-proof machines ever manufactured. This was the argument my wife used to win the battle for "her" minivan v. "my" sport ute. Oh well...

Average Rating : 4


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