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I will never buy GM. logo 8/30/2015 claude

My car is a burgundy(berry red) 2003 3.8L Monte Carlo SS. First of all, I would like to say when I bought the car with sunroof, power everything, roomy with 39,000 mileage, I loved it. It had a comfortable ride and it looked awesome. That said, there are many irritating small things about this vehicle and the bigger ones you will run into at around 130,00 miles. First of all it does not play MP3's or have an auxiliary input jack, something that has been around since the 90's. Before you suggest changing the manufacturers radio, please consider that the radio controls many functions of the car: including resetting the tire pressure alarm, oil change alarm, fog lamps, car theft alarm, the chimes of the car, and the onstar system, among other things. Another minor irritation of this vehicle is that is looses engine oil every 2 months. So every 2 months your "Low Engine Oil" light will come on. The dealer mechanic explained that a memo sent from corporate, described this as normal. Later in 2016 I got a recall letter stating the lose of oil can cause a fire with the catalytic converter. I never had this problem with my Ford Mustang. Finally, this vehicle uses Dex-Cool coolant(orange coolant), which according to the manufacturer only needs to be changed every 5 yrs or 150,00 miles. This is primarily due to the high acid content in the coolant, as compared to the 2yr green coolant used in Fords. After about 130,000 miles the Dex-Cool will have eaten many of the engine gaskets, as well as some of the engine parts. The coolant will produce sludge inside the engine if the gaskets break, that will require a flushing of the coolant system and engine. Also, since GM in all there genius, decided to build the car with a plastic intake manifold, which will crack and warp over time, which again may cause motor oil and coolant to combine inside your engine. This is fatal for any vehicle, if not immediately corrected. GM is currently facing lawsuits regarding Dex-Cool. Other problems with this vehicle include a lack of a WEATHER COWL (A plastic trim under the wipers that guide rain water away from ac blower) on the front passenger side of the vehicle. Over time or if someone replaces the cabin filter, a weak rubber trim may slides off, not allowing rainwater to divert away from the inside of the car after hitting the windshield. Without this trim, every time it rains, the inside of the car will start to fill with water. To prevent this a $20 piece of plastic must be installed under the wipers, that which a GM dealer will charge you $80 for. Finally, the interior of the car does not stand up to the test of time, predominately all the control knobs will have writing fade away. Other more significant issues include ABS traction control never worked right, even after replacing both wheel hubs and ABS hardness. Power streering pumped leaked do to poor engineering when I first bought the car, I am now on my 5th Power Steering pump. Coolant Elbow Fittings are a few of the first failures this car will have. Again the geniuses made them plastic so the wouldn't last long against the hot block engine.I will never buy another GM vehicle since they seem designed to be trade ins, after 5yrs.

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