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I wish I got the wagon instead logo 8/19/2015 William Kannor

I had a 2011 BMW 528i. I wish we never got rid of it. I made the mistake of leasing this car for three years. Mine is a 328xi with the M Sport, lighting, premium, driver assistance, technology, and heated front seats. The newest iDrive system has some neat features, but lacks the simplicity of the previous version. The base sound system is actually pretty good. The front seats are okay, but the headrests are uncomfortable at any position. The adjustable bolsters are not overly confining. The way the center console and doors are designed make for some very hard places for resting your knees. There is lots of hard plastics around the center console. The rear seat has much better legroom than my 5, but the sloping roof and small windows take away headroom. The seats are not very soft and fitting 3 in the back is a punishment. Visibility is awful in the back. It has large 19 inch wheels, but it rides adequately. The car is very noisy inside. Lots of road and engine noise come in. The noise makes it difficult to make phone calls, and the Bluetooth is temperamental. The engine is smooth, although at times it will pause, and suddenly lurch forward. It becomes quite nauseating. The engine is extremely unrefined at cold startup. I had the same issue with the 5. For 54K, this is unacceptable. The frameless doors sure look great, and make a solid thud when closed. But be careful, because there are sharp edges, and my mother cut her arm walking by an open front door. The standard panoramic moonroof is massive. It's probably my favorite thing about this car. The xenon headlights are worth the extra cost. My 528i was okay on gas, but this car is not as efficient. I think it's because the car is heavier. It is noticeably less fun than the regular 3. It corners better than my 5 did, but it lacks the solid feel and comfort that I have come to expect from BMW. I will be turning this car in early and considering a better car.

Average Rating : 2


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