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I wish I had a reckingball logo 3/12/2015 Pat Spinello

Chevy really blew it on this model. No wonder they discontinued it. I have had numerous issues with this car since the warranty expired(typical). I have had the struts replaced numerous times, wheel bearings replaced, suspension issues, break-line replaced. I've gone through enough tires that the goodyear guys see me and dance because they know it's going to be a big ticket sale. Currently, I can't get my key out of the ignition unless I hold my stick shift to the left and I'm also have problems with the shift sticking in park. I really hate this car but I am stuck with it because I can't afford a car payment. It really has given me a bad taste in my mouth for Chevy.

Favorite Feature : It was pretty good in the snow, that is until the anti-lock break mechanism broke.

Suggested Improvement : wrecking ball

Average Rating : 2


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