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I wished I purchased one sooner! logo 12/8/2016 Reacherman16

I love the head room of my van. I don't have to bend over or crawl to get in my van to reach my tools or parts (6"2). I have owned my 2012 NV 2500 S high-top (It does not have Navigation and Backup camera but it has the rest of the bling) since 2012. I brought it used with 35,636 miles on it. I could not purchase an extended warranty because it would be used commercially. That turn out in my favor and I saved $1522.00. Outside of normal repairs I replaced 4 interior bulbs and an a/c blower motor. The van has paid for itself and has made me a proud owner. I have gotten 50K plus on my tires and I am only now showing a need for an alignment. The gas mileage is poor due in part that I have shelves, tools and parts that I carry on the van and that it is a v6. The v8 in my application would perform better and perhaps improve my gas mileage some. It is hard to complain of any thing other than slight interior creature discomfort. Must tell story...while on a service call to the lake after a violent storm. I was traveling 60 plus on a 2 way highway and a tree had fallen across the road to make the road look like a dead end. My van never lost control or traction, my van never swerved violently, it never rocked from side to side, I felt no play or shake in my steering wheel and my brakes never locked. I swerved at the last minute to avoid the tree and found a road which (te-ed) into the highway which got me around the tree. I had full control over the van all the times. I have no complaint about the handling of my 2500 Hi-top van. If I were not winning down my career...I would buy a v8

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