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If you enjoy burning money, flushing it down the toilet or lighting cigars with $100 bills, this is the car for you! Or, I've never been this dissatisfied with an 11 month old car. logo 5/21/2015 wtftoyota

Ok, I was a bit torn purchasing this vehicle. I am a lifelong car guy and having a wife that wanted nothing other than a minivan, this was something my Yang just had to yield to its far superior Ying.Also mommy needs AWD, this is the only AWD minivan currently in production, so it's not like I had the choice of another Odyssey or anything else for that matter.I will simply leave you with this; you have been warned. This bunch of buffoons at Toyota will not stand behind their products, no matter how aggressively you ask or pursue it, not if you push it up the chain at corporate or mention your uncle the pope. I am not sure there is enough room here to express my disdain for Toyota.

Favorite Feature : The drivers seat is extremely comfortable, the ride is nice, that is to say it is to say comparable to other new minivans.Coming from a previous generation Odyssey I can say it is not remarkable or magic but very nice. Just don't sit down too hard on that comfy seat and handle the car with kid gloves or something is going to break and they will not cover it. Ask me how i know.This car is rich with cheap plastic parts, the quality of which remind me of happy meal toys. I know, it's not a Benz, but come on 45k should get you a little more.My favorite thing about the Sienna is that when I can convince my wife to get a different vehicle I will dump this POS off at the nearest dealer.

Suggested Improvement : Toyota should stand behind their product, which they have on zero occasions.The best improvement they could make? Refund my $487 for the stupid door mirror that stopped working and was not covered under warranty, or I suggest the CEO falls on his sword immediately in shame, it's and easy choice if you ask me.If you NEED a minivan, do yourself a favor and check out the Odyssey as well, we were treated nothing but wonderfully by their warranty support, in fact a year after we bought our Odyssey (which we had before this $#!T-box), a rock or piece of gravel somehow got in between the bumper cover and the bumper, all I did was ask about it, and they replaced the rear bumper. That's service!

Average Rating : 2.25


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